In order to continue serving the people of St. Stephen's during this time, we are finding new ways to connect.

Each Week:

Every Saturday night during shelter-in-place, we will be posting a Virtual Service to YouTube and this site.

Our Homepage will be updated with the current week's service each Saturday night. 

Each Day:

Mother Sharon will be praying Compline, live on Facebook, every week night at 9 pm.

We will also be posting updates and encouragement to our Facebook and Instagram on the regular.

More helpful information:

The Episcopal Church Office of Public Affairs:  Click here

The Episcopal Church Instagram: Click here

The Episcopal Church of Michigan Website: Click here

The Episcopal Church of Michigan Instagram: Click here

Here are some encouraging words from presiding Bishop Curry on the current situation.  Click here for this video's transcript

Habits of Grace, March 23

How St. Stephen's Is Adapting

As we are a faith community of many ages, and want everyone to feel welcome and safe, we are asking everyone to wear their masks when attending the 10am service and any other time when children are present. We are doing this, not to protect ourselves, but from our concern for the safety of our children who cannot be vaccinated, those whose immune system may be compromised and the unvaccinated.

Update to the Covid-19 Re-Entry Directive - September 21, 2021