St. Stephen's Mission is to:
SING OUT for God,
        REACH OUT to the World,
        CRY OUT among Friends,
        FIND OUT about a Life of Faith, and sometimes
        BURST OUT Laughing.
        All in the name of Jesus Christ.
        - Amen

                 Worship Services at St Stephen's
​    All include Holy Communion... ​and YOU'RE INVITED!​

Saturday   4:30 pm    Informal Eucharist with music: Come as you are!
     Sunday     8:00 am     Quiet Eucharist​
     ​Sunday   10:00 am    Eucharist with hymns, Education K-12, Child Care &
                                                    ​Fellowship Hour

St. Stephen's Episcopal Church
      5500 North Adams Road
      Troy, Michigan  48098

    St. Stephen's Episcopal Church is located in Troy, a northwest suburb of Detroit and a community in the Detroit Metropolitan area.
    Our church is part of the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan.
    The Episcopal Church of the United States is a participant in the greater world Anglican Community.

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Each week during the Spring, Sunday School, ​Youth Groups, and Adult Faith programs are available to keep ​you warmed by the spirit of Christ and the fellowship of the ​community.  ​Check the calendar and the Witness to see what's happening!  ​Wherever you are in your faith journey -- steadfast, seeking or unsure -- we welcome you at St. Stephen's. Please join us this Saturday or Sunday.  We've been where you are, and found a home here. Contact Susan our priest or Ken our formation director with any questions you might have.
Adult Faith - All Saints Senior Saints...
Children & Youth - Images from our Rite 13 Celebration
When Pain is Good:
   When it tells you you have to pay attention to it.
   When it breaks you open, making you bigger.
   When it connects you to the pain of others.
   When it forces you to view the world differently.
​​​​​   When it reminds you that you are alive.
   When it compels you to be honest.
   When it makes you understand that it is inevitable.
   When you recognize it as one of the most intense and potentially ​valuable experiences 
​         in your life.​​​​
                                                        -Jerusha Hull McCormack, "Grieving: A beginner's guide" (2005, Paraclete)​
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