The Shepherds

St. Stephen’s shepherds are a link between each church member and the pastoral care ministry of the parish. Shepherds send birthday cards, check in with parishioners, and pass along pastoral care requests to clergy or other pastoral care ministries.

Lay Eucharistic Ministry

The diocese licenses St. Stephen’s Lay Eucharistic Visitors to bring the sacraments to those unable to attend Sunday service. It is the practice of Lay Eucharistic Ministers to bring holy communion to parish members shortly after celebrating the Holy Eucharist. The sharing of the body and blood of Christ with those who are sick, homebound, or hospitalized is a reminder that we are all one body in Christ.

Pastoral Visitors

Pastoral Visitors build one-on-one relationships with those who are physically unable to attend church. Walking with parish members provides companionship and support to those who may experience loneliness or neglect due to their life situation or circumstances. Pastoral Visitors remind our home-bound parishioners that they are still part of the body of Christ.

Intercessory Prayer Ministry

This pastoral care ministry focuses on the spiritual health and vitality of the parish. By gathering to pray for the clergy, the parish, and those on our short-term and long-term prayer lists, this ministry ensures that the community's needs and concerns are lifted in prayer.

Bereavement Care

This ministry helps hospitality in the context of memorial and burial services. Members of this group help to organize requests for luncheon in the Parish Hall following a funeral service.

Kitchen Angels

A Kitchen Angel volunteers occasionally to provide prayer, love, and food to one of our members at St. Stephens. It may be for a new member, someone experiencing illness or disability, or to show extra love and kindness.

Flowers from the Altar

Each week, beautiful arrangements of flowers decorate the altar in the sanctuary. These flowers are frequently donated by parishioners in memory of a loved one or celebration of a special occasion. Following the service, the flowers are rearranged and then sent out to parishioners of St. Stephen’s who are either homebound, ill, or celebrating a birthday or anniversary.

Pastoral Care