What are some of your volunteer opportunities at St. Stephen's?

St. Stephen's hosts various volunteer opportunities for the Church and community to take part in. Our Calendar, found on the Events page, showcases our past and future events. For example, we regularly assist at Crossroads Soup Kitchen, Baldwin Center, Bound Together and participate at the Red Cross Blood Drives. The Holiday season also has many opportunities for volunteering, caroling, donating food, clothes, toys and more for those in need. 

What is St. Stephen's position on social issues such as racism, gender, sexuality, etc.? 

At St. Stephen's, you will find that all are welcome and able to take part in the church's events, responsibilities, traditions and more, regardless of race, gender, sexuality and age. The Episcopal Church views diversity as a good thing that is highly valued. We are all God's children and so St. Stephen's strives to encourage acceptance and love of all God's people, in and out of our church community. I encourage you to follow or "like" our Facebook page here to explore more information through videos, blog posts, and articles on this subject.

In summary, all who hunger are welcome and encouraged to come to the table.



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